August 24, 2022

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Rhino Truck Lube Centre offers fast, convenient oil changes for commercial vehicles, minimizing downtime and ensuring quality service. Visit us for efficient, thorough 20-point inspections.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

Whoever said time is money was probably a truck driver! When you are driving a route, your company and your clients are counting on you to get to your destination in a timely manner. But sometimes stops are necessary – especially if maintenance is required to keep your vehicle safe and in good working order. And if your truck needs an oil change, it isn’t something that you should put off.

The oil flowing through your truck’s engine accumulates dirt and contaminants over time until it becomes a saturated sludge. This can result in damage to your engine and costly repairs, not to mention that delaying an oil change can also increase fuel consumption. Prevent this by stopping for an oil change at Rhino Truck Lube Centre.

We offer fast and convenient oil changes for your commercial vehicle

It might surprise you to learn that at Rhino, we can perform an oil change on your truck in under an hour. This means minimal downtime, so you won’t be keeping your customers waiting!

Our service is drive-thru, and you don’t even have to unhook your trailer (for trailers up to 53’). We have a team of licensed technicians waiting to give you the quality service that you deserve and expect for your vehicle.

What happens during an oil change?

At Rhino Truck and Lube Centres, we are committed to providing quality service and always deliver more than is expected. When you visit us for an oil change, you get a full 20-point visual inspection. Our Express Lube Package includes:

  • Rotella® T4, T5 or T6 Triple Protection motor oil
  • Oil Filter(s) – as needed
  • Top up washer fluid
  • Top up coolant
  • Inspect cabin and air filters as required

We also take the time to top up your washer fluid (up to 5L), check your air filter, wiper blades and gearboxes, and add tractor grease if required. After our 20-point inspection, you’ll be confident that your vehicle is ready to hit the road again safely.

How much does an oil change cost?

At Rhino, our Express oil change packages begin at $299.99 plus applicable taxes, shop fees and environmental fees. Exact prices may vary depending on engine types and specific oil and filter requirements. (Contact us for fleet pricing).

Why Choose Rhino Truck and Lube Centre for your oil change?

In addition to getting you in and out in just under an hour – and our competitive prices and great service – Rhino offers you everything you need in a rest stop, including a food court, convenience store, showers, free wi-fi, and more.

Stop by Rhino today

If you are driving a route that takes you by a Rhino location, stop by for an oil change or any other services we proudly offer.