April 18, 2023

Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVIs) and Visual Inspections

Understand the importance of Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVIs) and visual inspections for commercial vehicles. Ensure compliance and safety standards at Rhino Truck and Lube Centres in Dartmouth and Moncton.

Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVIs) and Visual Inspections

If you own a commercial vehicle, you are no stranger to the fact that your vehicle must undergo numerous inspections, from your daily pre-trip inspections to your annual Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVI).

Not only do regular inspections ensure that your vehicle is in good condition to provide you with the best possible fuel economy and aid in preventing any breakdowns on the side of the highway, MVIs, in particular, are required by law and keep you and your vehicle compliant with current legislation. While MVIs are required annually (you will need to keep a window sticker as proof of a current inspection), regular visual inspections are conducted after most truck services have been completed.

What are Motor Vehicle Inspections (MVIs)?

MVIs and comprehensive visual inspections not only help identify any possible mechanical issues but are in place to adhere to Transport Canada safety standards.

These inspections include a thorough check-up of your vehicle’s vital parts, including the brakes, exhaust, ECU system, cargo, suspension, steering, tires, engine, battery, emergency exits, trailer, windshield wipers, steering wheel, and lighting.

It is critical that you have this inspection each year and that your vehicle passes. If your vehicle does not pass, you will need to have your commercial vehicle mechanic repair the issue so your truck can pass the inspection.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass inspection and you continue to drive, a transportation officer may pull you over and issue a hefty fine for your vehicle not complying with road standards.

MVIs for commercial vehicles must only be completed at facilities licensed to do MVIs – such as the Rhino Truck and Lube Centre in Dartmouth.

What is a Visual Inspection?

Visual inspections are important and should be conducted on a regular basis in between your annual MVIs. These inspections are less in-depth, but nevertheless, they are important to help ensure that your truck is in good condition and can safely make it from point A to point B.

A visual inspection will include things like lubrication, lighting, running gear, tires and wheels, landing gear, and the interior and exterior of the body.

While very different from an MVI, visual inspections should still be conducted by trained technicians such as those at the Moncton location of Rhino Truck and Lube Centres. When you take your vehicle for a visual inspection at Rhino, you’ll receive an electronic report that provides you with any repair recommendations so that you may keep your vehicle in its best possible condition.

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Both MVIs and visual inspections are essential if you own a commercial vehicle. For a visual inspection, visit any of our centres. And if you are in the Dartmouth area and require an MVI, we are happy to assist you with that at our Dartmouth location.